MTV Beats ke Desi Kalakaar Auditions and Registration

The popular music channel, MTV Beats is looking for talented singers for its upcoming music reality show Ke Desi Kalakaar. If you want to show your talent to whole country then here are the MTV Beats ke Desi Kalakaar auditions detail. The singing talent hunt show is giving an opportunity to common people.

The show is unique from other singing reality show because of its format to select the winners. The channel is giving a chance to its viewer to select the next singing star of the country.

MTV Beats ke Desi Kalakaar Auditions

MTV Beats ke Desi Kalakaar Auditions and Registration

If you are interested in participating on the show then register for the MTV Beats ke Desi Kalakaar audition.

Fill in the details such as Name, Mobile No, Email, Gender and then choose one song, upload Image (image less than 2MB ) and then now upload the video to register for MTV Beats ke Desi Kalakaar.

Video is to be uploaded for the audition during the working hours of the day that is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM only.

Makers of the show will accept all the entries within the timeline.

The video you submit should be of 90 seconds and an audio-visual recording of yours.

The Show is also open for individuals who attend the auditions of the Roadies Revolution which is scheduled to be held on 5th January 2020 in Delhi and on 7th January in Chandigarh.

Participation in the Show by Voot Participants shall start on 1st February 2020 at 9 am and shall conclude on 31st July 2020 or any other date or time as decided by the Organizer.

The participant must submit video between 9 am to 6 pm only. The video that are not submitted within the time-band won’t be accepted by the Organizer.

Selection Process

After the end of every week and after the end of every day of the show. The official team will make available all shortlisted video entries on the Voot app for viewing and voting of users.

The Users may vote for their favourite entry at any time during the show Period. The voting will close on the last day of every calendar month.

  1. The Weekly Winning Video: After the end of each completed week, the team shall select seven (7) shortlisted entry that have received the maximum number of votes for that week.
  2. The Monthly Winning Video: After the end of each complete calendar month, the team will select one video that has received the maximum number of votes for that calendar month.
  3. The Super Winning Video: After the end of the complete show, the team shall select one video from and amongst the six-monthly winning Videos, which has received the maximum number of votes shall be considered as the Super Winning Video.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The show is open to all individual participant.
  • The participants must be at least 18 years old or above.
  • The participants must have valid proof of Indian citizenship.
  • The participants must be permanent residents of India.
  • The participants must have a valid email address.
  • The Participant must be required to submit all valid proofs of name/ age/ address/ nationality/citizenship and/or any other document.
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