Mi Honar Superstar Auditions and Registration Star Pravah

Star Pravaha is back with another singing reality show Mi Honar Superstar for all the talented singers. If you have the singing skill that show is looking then register for the Mi Honar Superstar auditions and give your talent a platform. The show will air on Star Pravaha channel from 12 January 2020.

The show is already popular among the viewers and all set to find the new singing sensations of Maharashtra. Mi Honar Superstar audition is open for the participant’s age above 21 years old.

Mi Honar Superstar Auditions

Mi Honar Superstar Auditions and Registration

The registration for the Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar is started for the participants. To register for the audition, visit the official website www.pravah.startv.com and fill the complete form with all the details.

Enter all the required details asked in the form and mentioned below and submit it.

  • Name / नाव:
  • Birth Date of Birth / जन्मतारीख:
  • Age (As Of AuditionDate) / वय (ऑडीशनच्या दिवशी): Years / वर्षं:
  • Months / महिने:
  • GENDER / लिंग:
  • Marital Status Children
  • Details Children (Age), If Any / मुलांचे वय (असल्यास)
  • Present Current Address / सध्याचा पत्ता PresentCity Present City / सध्याचे शहर
  • PermanentAddress Permanent Address / कायमचा पत्ता
  • Permanent City / कायमस्वरुपी शहर
  • Citizenship/Nationality / नागरिकत्व T
  • Telephone Number (With Std Code) / दूरध्वनी क्रमांक (STD सहित)
  • Alternate Mobile Number / वैकल्पिक मोबाइल क्रमांक
  • E-Mail Address / इ – मेल आयडी
  • Occupation & Designation / व्यवसाय आणि पद
  • Educational Qualification / शैक्षणिक पात्रता
  • Languages Spoken / कुठल्या भाषा बोलता येतात? :

Upload the audition video of your, make sure it is the best performance by you. The maximum size of the video should be more than 50 MB. All the shortlisted partcipants will be called for the Mi Honar Superstar Auditions.