Idea Rocks India Season 6 2014 Online Registration | Audition Detais

Idea Rocks India 2014 Online Registration

Idea Rocks India is back with its next season and this time it will be more larger from previous seasons. So get ready grab the chance of being singer. If you want to become singer then this is perfect platform for you.

Don’t miss this chance and give the audition for this show.

Idea Rocks India is back with a bang!

17 Cities
3 singing icons
Mika  Sunidhi  Karthik
Time to rock!

And this time you can audition to perform Solo, Duo or Instrumental, live on stage with your favourite singer. Cool huh?

Audition Details

KANPUR 8-Mar-14 14-Mar Auditionclosed Sunidhi
HYDERABAD 10-Mar-14 16-Mar Auditionclosed Sunidhi
AGRA 15-Mar-14 21-Mar Auditionclosed Mika
CUTTACK 19-Mar-14 25-Mar Auditionclosed Sunidhi
JODHPUR 23-Mar-14 28-Mar Auditionclosed Mika
BANGALORE 24-Mar-14 30-Mar Auditionclosed Mika
DURGAPUR 26-Mar-14 1-Apr Auditionclosed Sunidhi
CHANDIGARH 29-Mar-14 4-Apr Auditionclosed Mika
COIMBATORE 30-Mar-14 5-Apr Auditionclosed Karthik + Andreah
BHOPAL 30-Mar-14 5-Apr Auditionclosed Sunidhi
KOLKATA 31-Mar-14 6-Apr Auditionclosed Mika
SURAT 7-Apr-14 13-Apr Auditionclosed Sunidhi
DELHI 14-Apr-14 20-Apr Auditionclosed Mika
SILCHAR 15-Apr-14 21-Apr Auditionclosed Mika
ERNAKULAM 19-Apr-14 25-Apr Auditionclosed Sunidhi
NASIK 25-May-14 31-May AuditionOpen Mika
PATNA TBA  TBA AuditionOpen Sunidhi

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