Dancing Super Stars Auditions & Registration on Star Vijay

Star Vijay is presenting Dancing Super Stars for all the aspiring dancers who want to start its career in the entertainment industry. Dancing Super Stars auditions & registration started for all the passionate dancers who want the platform to showcase it.

The audition of the show is open for all the contestant as there is no age limit and participants can participate in the show as Individual, group or team and a Dual (Couple).

Dancing Super Stars Auditions & Registration

Dancing Super Stars Auditions & Registration

The audition of the Dancing Super Stars will take place in two phases – Digital Audition and Ground Audition.

The participant who qualifies the digital audition will only get the chance to participate in further rounds. The Digital Auditions is open from 20 September 2019 to 30 October 2019.

To register and to participate in the digital auditions, the interested Participant should submit the following personal details such as full name, gender, age, email ID, contact number(s), the name of their country/state/city where they reside, and/or any other information/documentation.

The Ground Audition details will be updated soon once it confirmed by the channel.

For information about the Dancing Super Stars auditions, stay with us.